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Humitube Technology

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Humitube® technology is the unique real and effective humidifier cigar tube in the world for its double chamber system that let the cigar receive a slow humidify thought the wall of the tube that make a balanced humidified cigar at all its length.

With this technique, called double chamber tube, the cigars receive a smoothly uniform humectation, and receive a complete equal humectation from top to the bottom of the cigar.

The other conventional cigar tubes of the market always destroy the cigar cause the humidify are supply are located only in the bottom of the tube, and this strong and direct humidity destroy the cigars cause the humidity is received direct to the “mouth” of the cigar, making an “trump shame cigar” that is over wet in the “month” of the cigar and total dry at the end of this.

This tube is produced in very limited quantities to only 10 brands of cigar.

“Double Chamber tube” Worldwide Patent & designs:

  • International Cl.: A24F 25/02, January 2006
  • International Cl.: A24F 13/24, January 2006
  • Design Number: 000699863, of 16 June 2007 (OFI. ARMO. MERC. INTER.)
  • SPAIN Patent number: ES2008/000744, of November 27, 2008
  • United States US 2011/0067713 A1, (with Foreign Appli. priority data Nov. 27, 2007 (P200703151)
  • WIPO Patent number: WO2009/068715 (The World Intellectual Property Organization).

Humidor Tins

The Bandolero cigars tins, have a simple but effective humidifier system inside the handler of the cap. This system allow to the customer keep each cigar in the optimal conditions before be smoked. Every tins has this system. The level of moistening is very easy to regulate according to the weather or cigars storage conditions. Also, the design of the tins allows store them in piles.


The Adjustable Humidifier is an element to dosify the amount of moisture supplied to the cigars. Its design allows change the size of the holes that communicate the humidifier material with the cigars. The adjustable Humidifier is placed inside the cap of the porcelain jars with a magnet in order to remove it and ease the handling.

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