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The ATABEY cigars are produced in limited quantities by the “Selected Tobacco” factory in Costa Rica. The leaves of these cigars have many origins, they are from caribbean and central america countries. These luxury cigars only can be bought in a few stores around the world which are certified by the manufacturer.

Atabey: Supreme deity of the Taino Indians.

It was the name of a female divinity of the extinct Taino people, who occupied a large part of the Caribbean islands.

In Taino mythology, Atabey was the first female in the world and was the mother of Yucahu, the main male god of the Tainos. Besides being the mother goddess, was Atabey divinity of the Moon, the Sea of Fertility and Birth,

Her figure is also associated as “Mother of Waters”, associating it with rivers, lakes and seas to give life to the cultivation of cassava, tobacco and agriculture in general.

The Tainos paid their respects to the goddess personified by the frogs, to protect women in labor and facilitate childbirth. Hence goddess images in the caves drawn by the Indians with large eyes and with her legs spread showing her sex.

She is worshiped at night with full moon ceremonies, where through unique rituals performed by men of the tribe whose body were drawn and dressed witch-like, solemn dances performed around the leader and wizard of the tribe, called Bejique. All of them carrying in their hands tobacco leaves rolled as a cigar.

When they went into a state of delirium by excessive smoke which they aspired, he blew the smoke over the wise leader, who was in the middle of the circle, so that with his divine powers raised to heaven, through the smoke he received, the deaths that tribe asked the goddess idol ATABEY.

Available in 9 sizes:

  • Divinos (4.5 x 50)
  • Brujos (5 x 52)
  • Delirios (5 3/4 x 55)
  • Duendes (6 x 54) Coming 2018
  • Ritos (6 1/8 x 55)
  • Misticos (6.75 x 56) Coming 2018
  • Benditos (7.25 x 58) Coming 2018
  • Spiritus (7.5 x 40) Coming 2018
  • Diosus (8 x 50) Coming 2018


I wonder if Alfonso had a particular Cuban cigar in mind when he came up with Atabey. Was he chasing the Cuban ghost like so many other cigarmakers have in the past, or did he just intuitively blend to personal taste. Maybe he created a packaging concept first, and then sought a cigar that lived up to the design. It’s difficult for me to tell just by smoking and I’m not presumptuous enough to hazard a guess. Either way, the cigar lived up to its packaging. And if the packaging is the culmination of Alfonso’s life in design, then it probably isn’t too out of line to say that cigar blend is a sincere culmination of his life as a cigar smoker. – Gregory Mottola (Cigar Aficionado Blog 2/6/14)


I’m about 99% sure this was a Cuban and I’m looking forward to finding out if I’m right. Regardless, I will add it to my must buy list and the next one will be enjoyed with a coffee! – Starfish via Blind Man’s Puff (Cigar Reviews Done Blind). 

The Atabey is a complete cigar in just about every attribute – from flavor to construction to complexity. From an intangibles standpoint, it also brings a lot of what I term the “wow” factor. – Cigar Coop 

This might be one of the most epic cigars ever made. – The Cigar Authority

The construction was simply amazing from beginning to end and it produced the perfect amount of smoke with that even burn line from the beginning to the nub. – Seth’s Humidor

It’s a complex, balanced, wonderfully nuanced cigar, and it won’t leave you disappointed. – The Stogie Guys

Talk about a wow cigar…. This is seriously one of the best Non-Cuban cigars ever made in my opinion. – Cigar Federation

It was like driving a Lamborghini, it was absolutely off the charts. – Stogie Geeks

Overall, the Atabey was an awesome cigar with deep flavor complexity, perfect draw, and an absolutely pristine burn. I don’t put numbers on my reviews and I have  to say only one cigar in my life did I ever feel was a close to a 100 and that was a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro which I enjoyed immensely back in Germany 9 years ago. The Atabey Ritos certainly ranks up close that! – Stogie Press